Pastor Search Update

Over the last few months, we have had the opportunity to go through the hiring process for the Part Time Associate Pastor of Adult Discipleship. Upon the unanimous recommendation of the search team, pastoral staff, and Ministry Council, we are please to present Kristina Dyck as the candidate for this role. Over the next two weeks, we are asking for the congregation to affirm the decision of Ministry Council to call Kristina to this role at HMC. On July 21st in the morning service, you will have an opportunity to hear Kristina share about her heart for this role and get to know her a bit more. We are also asking if the congregation has any feedback, that over the next two weeks, you directly contact Ministry Council, the Search team, or Pastor Dave. On July 28th, we would like to publicly affirm as a congregation a calling to Kristina to be a pastor here.

Let’s Be People of Prayer and a Church that is Making Disciples

Thoughts out of the EMCC Regional Gathering, 2018

A few weeks ago, many EMCC pastors and leaders from Eastern Canada got together for a regional gathering. The point of this weekend gathering was to give a chance for everyone to be refreshed, but to also talk and pray about the future ministry of the EMCC denomination as a whole.

people of prayer

For me personally, it was exciting to see where our denomination seems to be heading in terms of vision because I believe it ties into where we also need to go at Hanover Missionary Church.

On Saturday afternoon, there was an extended round-table discussion and discernment session about where we as pastors sensed the greatest needs were in terms of vision and direction in our denomination. Two themes seemed to be heard continually: we need to be people of prayer, and churches who are making disciples. The need for our churches and denominations to have more intentional strategies and plans around making followers of Jesus was discussed, specifically as it relates to us seeking to walk in the way of Jesus.

As the lead pastor here, that is where my heartbeat is. I long for this church to be a church of prayer, where we wholeheartedly, with faith and intention, ask God for His guidance in this church. I long for this church to be a place where we take ourselves out of the drivers seat and let God steer where we need to be and who we need to be. Beyond that, my heart for this church (and where I see our church heading in the future) is a church that intentionally and effectively makes students and followers of Jesus. This is the only way our church will thrive and continue to survive as we move into the future. Be watching for our church to make a noticeable move in that direction in the months ahead.

My challenge to us would be that as we seek God in prayer, we would ask Him to show us how we can be a place that makes committed followers of Jesus. It would be my desire that as we pray and talk to God, He would show us how we can truly be a church that will ‘gather and go.’

—Pastor Dave

Installation of our New Lead Pastor

On Sunday, January 7, 2018 we officially welcomed our new lead, Pastor Dave Hildebrandt. Regional Minister John Cressman led the installation. Thank you to our congregation for embracing Dave and his family and please keep them in your prayers as Dave settles into his new role, leading HMC as we move forward in this new chapter.

Lead Pastor Update

Pastor Dave Hildebrandt was presented as a lead pastor candidate on Sunday, October 22. After delivering a message on living a fearless life, a congregational vote brought in a unanimous 100% stamp of approval from the present members and Dave was extended the offer of the Lead Pastor position.

We are so excited to announce that Pastor Dave—together with his three boys, Josh (9), Andrew (7), and Caleb (4), and his wife of 12 years, Shannon—has accepted the call and will be assuming the role of Lead Pastor at HMC as of January 1, 2018.

Dave is leaving his position at Port Rowan Mennonite Brethren Church, where he has been serving as the pastor of youth ministries. Prior to that, he spent time working with 100 Huntley Street on the 24 hour prayer lines, was the sole pastor at a church in rural Saskatchewan, and was a worship ministries director before that. Dave has attended Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford, BC, and Briercrest College in Caronport, SK. He is presently working towards his Masters of Divinity through Heritage Seminary in Cambridge.

Dave is passionate about communicating the Word of God in a life-changing way, caring and encouraging those who are hurting, empowering and equipping people to serve in their God-given areas of gifting, seeing people understand who they were created to be in Christ, and loves seeing the church fulfil the purpose that God has laid before it.

Please be praying for Dave and his family as they wrap up their ministry in Port Rowan and begin a new chapter with us at HMC. Pray that they would find the housing they need, that the boys can settle well into a new school system, that God would give clear direction to Shannon regarding employment, that Dave would feel settled and encouraged as he starts leading our congregation, and pray for the current staff team as they prepare to welcome a new team leader.

We wish to extend a gracious thank you to the members of the search committee, for their tireless work in the face of many hurdles. Thank you to the warriors in our congregation who kept the needs of HMC at the forefront of their prayers — please don’t stop! And we give thanks to God for His continued blessing, for the reminder that we are not far from His sights, and for His constant and unfailing grace.

Update on our Lead Pastor Search

Meet Dave and Shannon Hildebrandt. Dave is being presented to the congregation as the candidate for the position of the lead pastor. Dave has been married to Shannon for just over 12 years, and have three active and friendly boys: Josh (9), Andrew (7), and Caleb (4). They presently live in Port Rowan, Ontario, just off the shores of Lake Erie.

Dave grew up in a Christian home. His father was a pastor for many years and was born in Burkina Faso, Africa, where Dave’s grandparents served as missionaries for 40 years.

Presently Dave serves as the pastor of youth ministries at Port Rowan Mennonite Brethren Church. Prior to that, he spent time working with 100 Huntley Street on the 24 hour prayer lines, was the sole pastor at a church in rural Saskatchewan, and was a worship ministries director prior to that. Dave has attended Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford British Columbia, and Briercrest College in Caronport, Saskatchewan. He is presently working towards his Masters of Divinity through Heritage Seminary in Cambridge. Dave’s ministry passions are getting to communicate the Word of God in a life changing way, caring and encouraging those who are hurting, empowering and equipping people to serve in their God given areas of gifting, seeing people understand who they were created to be in Christ, and loves seeing the church fulfil the purpose that God has laid before it.

Shannon is an American ex-pat, coming to Canada shortly after marrying Dave in 2005. She worked as a R.N. in the states prior to moving to Saskatchewan. She presently works at McMaster University for a trio of pediatric surgeons and has loved every minute of it. She felt God leading her to resign her position for the end of October 2017 and is excited to see where God is directing the family.

In their spare time, they enjoy board games, good coffee, good music, and  spending time with friends and family. They do not canoe (anymore)

Join us on Saturday, October 21
from 3-5 p.m.
for a casual meet and greet with
the Hildebrandt family.

Consider volunteering to help with this event (speak with Marie) or sign up to bring some desserts (sign up sheet on the reception desk in the foyer)

On Sunday, October 22, Pastor Dave will be preaching. Immediately following the service we will hold a congregational meeting to vote. All members and regular attenders are encouraged to attend.

Roof Update

Our roof is leaking and needs to be replaced!

At the April meeting, Ministry Council approved a recommendation by the facility team to replace the flat roof. The total cost will be $115,000 (including the contractor quote and a 15% buffer). Our reserve fund containing $150,000 will be used temporarily, but we are asking the congregation to help recuperate all funds through special donations to the roof and any future expansion.

Please prayerfully consider giving a one time or ongoing offering – over and above what you regularly give – to help pay for the roof repair. Special donations marked “building fund” will go to the roof replacement as well as to future building enhancement.

An Update From The Claussen’s

the following is a verbatim update, sent to us by Andrew Claussen, one of our missionaries in Indonesia

Last month Amberlynne became bedridden and we suspected pregnancy, but took her to town to verify that it was a baby causing all the issues and not a virus. She is doing much better now that she is moving out of the morning sickness stage. We are now in town for the next month because Amberynne’s local OBYGN (she is Aussie), said she needs to stay here and regain the weight lost while sick.

Because of the nature of Amberlynne’s births she can’t deliver in country. Our original plan was to go to Singapore and then come back for the final 3 months in Papua, but after listening to the counsel of our co-workers, we have decided to come home 5 months earlier for our Home Assignment. Initially, we were disappointed that we weren’t finishing out our 4 year term. But as we have processed the decision, we have peace. We are exhausted physically, emotionally and spiritually and are looking forward to resting.

Our plan currently is to arrive in the USA the first week of December. Going from 3 years of perpetual summer to winter will be an interesting experience. We will mostly be in Washington state during home assignment (H.A.) I plan to work with my brother (to subsidise our 24k Worldteam salary) volunteer at our home church, and get medical training for the field as well.

That being said, the first couple of months, we want to take a break from ministry. We have spent 3 years pouring into others with without being filled ourselves. We are looking forward to worshipping together with other believers and being fed the word of God by someone other than ourselves. In the summer we plan on being on the east coast with the intention of speaking at churches. We will get in touch when we have figured out those dates! We’d love for the opportunity to share some morning. We’re also planning on stopping in a second time, but haven’t worked out the exact timing yet.

There are some ways you could help us prepare to come home…

1. Pray for us to end well here. While we are excited and anxious to be home in a culture and language we completely understand, yet we want to finish well. That means taking the time and energy to say goodbye culturally and to make sure our house and ministry is set in order for our year long absence.

2. Pray for our national co-workers (Yohanes and Elies (ay-less). Our team is a mixture of gifts and talents. We all bring something important to the table, and when one is gone the rest feel it. Our co-worker, Delila (Elies’ wife), is also pregnant. If her pregnancy continues, they will also be leaving the village for a time.

3. Pray for our kids. The village is a real struggle for them. While coming home will be a huge blessing for them, please pray that Danokit will have a special place in their hearts despite the hardships and loneliness of Danokit compared to the plethora of family and great blessings that America offers.

4. On a more practical side… our clothes are all sun faded and moldy and are more appropriate for the tropics, not the cold rainy Washington winter so we will need to update our wardrobe . Any gift cards would be awesome! We aren’t picky. Our favourite places are Walmart (yes, we are one of THOSE people), Target, Old Navy, but really… we will take anything. And if people have 3 or 4 bucks left over on a card, we’ll be happy to take those. And on that note, we also wouldn’t be against any restaurant/fast food/gas gift cards 🙂 I’m not really sure how that works with Canadian gift cards? Maybe that wouldn’t work?

Tickets aren’t purchased yet so plans aren’t finalised. I will let you know more as plans develop.

(learn more about the Claussen’s on their website or their ministry facebook page)

If you’re interested in supporting them, contact us and we’ll connect you with our Mission’s Planning Team.

Let Us Feast!

Before the sermon last Sunday, Pastor Jason asked the congregation to complete a brief survey to determine if there was any interest in beginning a monthly congregational meal.

The following questions were asked:

       1. Would you be interested in eating monthly with other HMCer’s?

       2. What scenario would be best for you?

    • Wednesday supper at 6pm before Family Ties
    • Sunday supper at 5 or 6pm before a time of Praise and Worship
    • Sunday evening dessert, after a time of Praise and worship

       3. Which would you prefer: potluck or food provided for a small fee/donation?

In all, 159 surveys were completed and 112 said that yes, they would like to share meals together with the most checks going to a Sunday evening potluck meal before a time of Praise and Worship. A good group of people also indicated that they would be willing to help with a recurring event like this which is an amazing blessing.

We want to thank everyone for their response to these questions and we are excited for what this means as we continue to move forward and build up the community of HMC.

Planning for the fall is well underway and we will keep you posted as to what this will look like.

If you did not get a chance to contribute to the survey your opinion is always welcome. Use the comment form below and share your thoughts – we would love to hear from you!

Ghana 2014

A Missions Update from Neal & Aggie Stretch

Imagine the very thought of ‘seeing’ 3,500 children in under two weeks; traveling to 8 different villages to set up a clinic; making some sense of the culture and history of a place. 

A mission trip is many things: absorbing unfamiliar sounds, smells, noises, scenes, dialect.  More closely, embracing people’s sorrows, joy, stories long past, current dilemmas. On a mission trip one must cooperate with a team of seemingly like-minded individuals.  Prayer, planning and much good will made this mission trip a success.

The team, made up of 7 Canadians and many more Ghanian doctors and nurses delivered care to 3,500 students and staff.  After 10 years of visiting these same villages, many of the students were healthy, requiring only deworming medicine, vitamins and a kind word.

Narious and Joseph, both of whom have recently graduated from Accra Medical School, were part of the team.  They, along with 3 other medical students, had been supported by doctors from the Hanover Area so they could complete their studies. Monies were supplied for their tuition and boarding.  They in turn, offer their expertise to under-serviced areas in Ghana.

Our connection to IN Ghana staff continues to deepen.  Some nurses have been on the field with us 5 times.  Cromwell headed up the team.  We have known him for the 10 years we have been part of their wonderful organization.

We appreciated the glory of finding a pair of eyeglasses in a box of hundreds.   Students breaking into beaming smiles, turning their heads in wonder, then reading the list on the board, ‘Lord, peace, desk, school, love’.  We were moved by the young teen who made her way to the clinic with a terrible wound on her foot; the 2 year old with a broken arm that had not been set properly.  There was much chuckling in the dispensary, figuring out language and the best way to entertain those waiting. 

A visit to Cape Coast and the Slave Castle plus a walk in the tree canopy, 100s of meters above the ground, left some of us a little shaken, maybe more thoughtful.

Our last stop was at a fishing village.  It had all the earmarks of paradise.  Aqua surf foaming onto a pristine beach.  Ancient palm trees arched by wind and weather.  Colourful fishing boats in the shade.  Observing and chatting with the villagers I realized the environment did not match their plight.  The encounter pushed me back to our first visit in 2003, where I had my first view into the injustice of poverty and the poverty of injustice. 

We were struck by the fine, sensitive work IN Ghana has participated in for many years, bringing young boys off the fishing boats and into school. 

We were careful to debrief with the team in the field.  We have met since.  Several of us have needed more intense assistance to be properly debriefed.  There is such an accumulation of memories after sundry trips.  (We have offered debriefing services to the local mission team headed for Haiti, plus information to Barrie Mutrie who often goes to Zimbabwe).

There are many to thank for the richness of this experience.  Above all we acknowledge God’s persistent  provision and unfailing love for all of us, His precious children.