Plan to Protect

HMC is committed to creating a safe place for all who attend or are served by HMC. Plan to Protect is an exceptional training tool we have implemented, so we can provide a secure environment for children, youth, vulnerable adults and volunteers who participate in church activities.

Plan to Protect – On-line Training

Step by Step instructions to get you going.
Please note:
A. Register: one email at a time
B. Shared Emails: An email can only be used at one time. If two individuals share one email, the email must be activated, and the course complete before the second individual can be registered
C. 30 Days: New registrants have 30 days from the time they activate their course to complete. (Existing registrants have30 days from the time a new course is added to their profile).

  1. Visit:
  2. Click “Shop Now” and click on “Refresher”
  3. Click on Course – 0-18 plus Vulnerable Adults Refresher
  4. Click “Add to Cart” (you will be able to enter your discount code later to make your final payment $0)
  5. Click “Check Out”
  6. Under Registrant Information, enter your info: email, name, organization, etc. (you can use your own address)
  7. Click “Continue to payment method” and enter the discount code – HanoverMissionary in the “Discount” box on the right-hand side. This will take the final payment to $0 since HMC has already purchased your training.
  8. Click “Complete Order”
  9. This will take you to an Order Summary Page. You can close this.
  10. You will be emailed the access link!
    i. From Plan to Protect®
    ii. Subject: Order # ( ) Confirmed
    You will create your own password upon activating your account.

Again, thank you for everything you do!! Your determination to complete all training is truly appreciated. And your time and talents are a treasure to help grow together as a family.

If you have any questions, please contact Marie at the office 519-364-1823 x21.