Let’s Be People of Prayer and a Church that is Making Disciples

Thoughts out of the EMCC Regional Gathering, 2018

A few weeks ago, many EMCC pastors and leaders from Eastern Canada got together for a regional gathering. The point of this weekend gathering was to give a chance for everyone to be refreshed, but to also talk and pray about the future ministry of the EMCC denomination as a whole.

people of prayer

For me personally, it was exciting to see where our denomination seems to be heading in terms of vision because I believe it ties into where we also need to go at Hanover Missionary Church.

On Saturday afternoon, there was an extended round-table discussion and discernment session about where we as pastors sensed the greatest needs were in terms of vision and direction in our denomination. Two themes seemed to be heard continually: we need to be people of prayer, and churches who are making disciples. The need for our churches and denominations to have more intentional strategies and plans around making followers of Jesus was discussed, specifically as it relates to us seeking to walk in the way of Jesus.

As the lead pastor here, that is where my heartbeat is. I long for this church to be a church of prayer, where we wholeheartedly, with faith and intention, ask God for His guidance in this church. I long for this church to be a place where we take ourselves out of the drivers seat and let God steer where we need to be and who we need to be. Beyond that, my heart for this church (and where I see our church heading in the future) is a church that intentionally and effectively makes students and followers of Jesus. This is the only way our church will thrive and continue to survive as we move into the future. Be watching for our church to make a noticeable move in that direction in the months ahead.

My challenge to us would be that as we seek God in prayer, we would ask Him to show us how we can be a place that makes committed followers of Jesus. It would be my desire that as we pray and talk to God, He would show us how we can truly be a church that will ‘gather and go.’

—Pastor Dave