Big Ideas & Family Challenges: Tidy Your Neighbourhood

Spring is here and the snow has (mostly) melted, leaving behind a bit of a mess. This happens every year and is especially noticeable along the ditches on country roads.

Hopefully you’re taking time to get outside every day. Consider bringing along a trash bag on one of those days and taking a walk around your neighbourhood. Pick up the garbage you see and help make your neighbourhood and more pleasurable place for all who live there.

Make sure you wear gloves and wash up really well when you get back home. Don’t bring the garbage into your home. Leave it outside or in your garage in a sealed bag or bin with a lid until you can put it out to the curb on garbage day.

BONUS CHALLENGE: Consider creating a little thank you note to put on your trash bin on garbage day to let the essential sanitation workers know how much they are appreciated!