Learning theology from a six-year-old

“Give thanks to the Lord for he is good.” That statement, plucked straight from the Psalms, is the first thing my son says every time he prays for a meal.

Somewhere along the line he’s memorized that text and now it’s a constant reminder, to our whole family, of God’s goodness. Simply by recalling that biblical text my son is nurturing my faith. It’s beautiful.

That’s just one of the ways I’m seeing faith being nurtured in my home.
How about you?

One thought on “Learning theology from a six-year-old

  1. Alanna says:

    Near the end of third grade Zander was presented with a Bible in the basement of the church in a special ceremony that Pastor Lyndsay has been doing every year. As parents we committed to helping our children learn to love God's Word and make it a regular part of our lives. Before this our family Bible time was kind of sporadic and random – life was busy and we would squeeze it in once in a while and call that fine. Once Zander was in possession of his very own Bible he decided to own our devotional time and make sure we didn't forget. He pushes us to read it together, suggesting stories to work through (we've done David & Goliath, Jonah, Joseph, Moses and right now we're working our way through Matthew). I think it's amazing that this is being instigated by a nine year old boy and it's fun to discuss the things we read and learn together.

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