Blessed are the memorizers

A few weeks ago our guest speaker, former-pastor-turned-regional-minister, Claran Martin challenged us to do something radical–he called us to commit the sermon on the mount–all three chapters (Matt. 5-7)–to memory.

At first I was skeptical about whether anyone would take up the task; but I’m delighted to report that people are responding.
So, here are two questions for you to consider (you may want to post anonymously):
1. Are you one of ‘memorizers’?
2. What’s your strategy for memorizing and how far are you going?
I’ve been trying to use my imagination to visualize the words I’m memorizing. I’m slowly working my way through the early part of chapter 5. I find it hard to memorize; I find it even harder to live.
It also dawned on me that I should get my kids involved. So they’re learning a different ‘blessed’ statement every day before we eat. It means we all get more than just our daily bread.

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