Big Ideas & Family Challenges: Spring Scavenger Hunt

Who else has been enjoying the sunshine?! It’s the perfect time to start looking for those happy signs of spring.

Pick a day during the next week to go for a walk and see how many of these things you can find. Keep track and let us know! What other signs of spring did you see that aren’t on the list?

  • New flowers starting to grow in the garden 🌷
  • Fresh buds on the trees 🍃
  • A lady bug 🐞
  • Easter decorations 🐰✝️
  • A mud puddle 🥾
  • Geese or ducks back from the south 🦆
  • A robin 🐦
  • Bees buzzing 🐝
  • A woodpecker knocking on a tree 🌳
  • Frogs singing 🐸🎶
  • A worm 🐛
  • Someone BBQing 🥩