So…What is G2G?

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With our new IDENTITY and PURPOSE defined and our new LOGO in place we thought it only appropriate that we revisit our life group branding.

G2G stands for GROUPS TO GO – playing off our purpose statement of GATHER AND GO –  and, though the title has changed, it still encapsulates all the things we believe about small groups (below is the definition as it appears on our website):

We aren’t designed to go it alone, especially when it comes to our spiritual growth! It’s about relationships – with God and others. A relational community can help you grow in your faith. We encourage both our attendees and all those we know to experience their purpose through belonging to a small group.

In G2G Groups (comprised of 8-12 people) friendships are developed and people are encouraged to live out their fullest potential. People in G2G Groups at HMC care for one another and build one another up so that we can reach out to others who need Jesus.
Our G2G Groups meet at different times and in many places. We have materials and resources available to help facilitate discussion pertinent to your group’s needs and stage in life. Alternatively, our church offers standard programs and materials each year that are used church-wide, and often connected with Sunday morning teaching and the current area of growth emphasis the church is promoting.

Last Sunday we rolled out our groups, introducing them at a display in the foyer. There are many different studies beginning very soon and we don’t want you to miss out!

Clipboards will still be out next Sunday for you to sign up. Take some time to read through the descriptions of each group (available here) and come knowing where you want to commit your time.  

It is our hope that everyone can be connected in a way that helps them grow and feel supported.

Thinking about starting/leading your own group? Great! Talk to Pastor Lyndsay and we’ll add you to the growing list of flourishing G2G groups!