Pat Remembers

*Pat has been attending HMC since 1978. The following are some of her memories, shared in her own words through an internal publication celebrating the 100 year anniversary of our church in 2001.

Flash Back Friday Hanover Missionary Church

I remember I had gone forward at a Billy Graham Crusade in Toronto.  A counselor came to my side and asked me what my need was. I said that I wanted to find a Bible-teaching church to learn about Jesus…she prayed with me and contacted a (local woman) who invited me to church.  My family and I came and instantly felt loved and welcomed…(A kind couple) took us under their wing and invited us home after church.  I had going looking for Jesus to be loved (and) I had finally found a loving family as well!

(All these years later) that same church family is always there for me.  Their prayers and encouragement have helped me to go on.  There has never been a negative word spoken – even when I shared (some of my personal) struggles.  No judgmental attitudes.  Wow!  It is wonderful to be loved!

I have never felt rejection (at Hanover Missionary Church) and I thank God for the church family He brought me to.  He knows my need and has always been there for me.  It is wonderful to be part of the family of God!