JOSHUA – Fall Sermon Series

On Sunday we begin a new sermon series, delving into the exciting pages of the book of Joshua. Then on Monday, (September 15 at 7:00 pm) for those who want to dig in farther, we are introducing an Adult Life Group that will unpack Sunday’s scripture passage a little bit more.
Joshua sermon seriesWe are hoping to offer a discussion question each week to help you get a bit deeper into the scripture and we’d love if you felt comfortable enough to share your thoughts in the comments below!
Check back each Friday during the series for a new question.
In Joshua 2:1 the spies are sent from Shittim.  Events of being in Shittim in the past would have haunted the Israelites.  Read Numbers 25:1-3.  Notice the Israelites are standing in the same place again.  Is it significant that the spies went to the home of a prostitute?  How is the outcome different in Joshua 2 than it was in Numbers 25?  
What about you? Has God ever returned you to a situation from your past? Was your outcome different the second time around? What did He teach you and how did you grow through revisiting that situation?