Joshua Week 6

book of Joshua sermon series
Joshua gives one final exhortation to the Israelites at the end of his book.  In 24:14-15 he calls the Israelites to choose ‘this day’ God or gods they will serve.  Then he takes a stand and says, “…as for me and my household, we will serve the LORD.” 

Reflect on the God or gods that was/were worshiped in your home growing up (ie. Jesus Christ, money, success, material possessions, status…).  What did you see in your family that helped you?  What didn’t help?  What about your household today?  What God or gods do your children, grandchildren, friends, and neighbours see you worshipping?  Do you need to make a change today to be more fully devoted to serving the Lord Jesus Christ?

Joshua Week 5

Read the summary of the allotment of land to Israel in Joshua 18:1-7.   Notice that the tribe of Judah anchors Israel’s settlement in the south while the tribes of Ephriam and Manassah (house of Joseph) will be the first to receive allotment in the north.  Both tribes are favoured.  Why?  Could it have something to do with the ancestors that bear their names (Read Genesis 37 to see Joseph and Judah in the same setting along with their brothers)? 

Have you ever been treated with favoritism or been passed over because someone else was favoured?  How does/did that affect you?  What advantages and disadvantages are there for those who are favoured?

Joshua Week 4

Joshua sermon series, discussion questions

Read Joshua 10:12-15

Notice God’s power over the sun. 

Now read about the Amorite god of the sun in this Wikipedia article (only the 2nd paragraph). 

Notice how Utu is depicted as emerging from a mountain, traveling across the earth, and then returning to a mountain hole (cave). He carries weapons, doles out justice, stands with one foot on a mountain, and he decides the fate of the dead.

Keeping the above themes/words in mind, read Joshua 10:16-28. What do you notice? What similarities are there between the Amorite kings and Utu? (Hint: caves, death, ‘one foot’…). What does this story reveal about Israel’s God when compared to one of the gods of the Amorites?

Joshua Week 3

Joshua 9 describes a Gibeonite plot to stop the Israelites from destroying them in their Promised Land conquest.  Read the text Joshua 9:1-18 What’s going on between the Gibeonites and Israel’s leaders?  Joshua sermon series, discussion questions
What were the Gibeonites thinking?  

What were Joshua and Israel’s leaders thinking?  

What were the Israelites thinking about their leader’s decisions?

Why didn’t Israel consult with God?  

Read Deuteronomy 7:1-2 and Deuteronomy 20:10-15 to shed light on the complexity of the decision-making.  Have you ever struggled to make a decision when you didn’t know all the facts?  What role does time have on making good or bad decisions?  What role does inquiring of God have on the decisions you make?


Joshua sermon series, discussion questions
In Joshua 5:2-3, God called for all Israelite men to be circumcised.  The result was that God “rolled away” the reproach of Egypt (Joshua 5:9).  In the New Testament, God “rolled away” something else.  Read Luke 24:1-3 to find out what it is.  In both texts, sacrifice precedes the lifting of the curse (or “rolling away”).  What needs to be rolled away in your life?  What might God be asking you to sacrifice? 
This question may be a little personal to share in the comments below but we’d still love to hear your thoughts regarding the Joshua series. What is God teaching you through the sermons? How is the story of Joshua making an impact on your life?

JOSHUA – Fall Sermon Series

On Sunday we begin a new sermon series, delving into the exciting pages of the book of Joshua. Then on Monday, (September 15 at 7:00 pm) for those who want to dig in farther, we are introducing an Adult Life Group that will unpack Sunday’s scripture passage a little bit more.
Joshua sermon seriesWe are hoping to offer a discussion question each week to help you get a bit deeper into the scripture and we’d love if you felt comfortable enough to share your thoughts in the comments below!
Check back each Friday during the series for a new question.
In Joshua 2:1 the spies are sent from Shittim.  Events of being in Shittim in the past would have haunted the Israelites.  Read Numbers 25:1-3.  Notice the Israelites are standing in the same place again.  Is it significant that the spies went to the home of a prostitute?  How is the outcome different in Joshua 2 than it was in Numbers 25?  
What about you? Has God ever returned you to a situation from your past? Was your outcome different the second time around? What did He teach you and how did you grow through revisiting that situation?