Talent No Talent Night

The Ladies Social team has been doing a tremendous job of crafting events that bring people together. Recently they hosted a ‘Talent No Talent’ night in which the main goal was very simple: laughter. There is little else that is more refreshing or healing than a good night of giggles!

The night was narrated by two ‘wigged’ men, (resident funny guys, Mike Krotz & Caleb Dyck) who cracked jokes and introduced each act from beneath their striking coiffures.

From family acts to an opera singing clown – the Talent No Talent night showcased a marinade of talent and silly non-talent much to the delight of a participatory audience.

Acts were segregated by Minute-To-Win-It challenges that got staff members competing against congregants. The night was full of lighthearted fun.

Unfortunately, the video camera only captured a small portion of the evening but you can catch a few of those highlights in this quick little highlight reel:

 [Watch on YouTube]