Week Seven

Welcome to Week Seven of Movin’ with Miss Marie

Your weekly quest: get outside!

Spending time outside can be so lovely: the sun on your face and the chirping birds, or sitting under your porch or a large maple tree and listening to the rain. Regardless this part of the quest is to situate yourself outside of the four walls of your home. You can choose to do this any way that suits you. You might go on a hike on our local trails or find a quiet spot in your yard with a nice chair and your favourite book. Chose an activity that takes you and your family out of the house.

Activity: Flower Pressing & Journaling

What you need

  • Flowers
  • Heavy book
  • Parchment paper (recommended, but wax paper works too)
  • Weight
  • Piece of paper for journaling
flat lay of long stem flowers

What to do

  1. Collect your flowers
  2. Place between a layer of parchment paper
  3. On your piece of paper, write down where the flowers were picked, who was with you, the date, and something you want to remember about the quest
  4. Place the parchment into the book with your piece of paper, close the book and weigh it down with something heavy
  5. Let the flowers dry for a minimum of ten days – some recommend as much as a full month
  6. Place the book on your shelf, and the next time you pull it down you be reminded of the nice day you spent outside with your family

See you around the campfire next week!