Midweek Meal Registration

Registration & payment deadline is JANUARY 15, 2020
Friend must fill out separate online registration
Friend must fill out separate online registration
I CONSENT to for myself and my listed family members to participate in all things related to the MIDWEEK MEAL, a ministry initiative facilitated by HANOVER MISSIONARY CHURCH. I herby release, discharge and agree to indemnify and hold harmless all HMC, its members, directors, officers, and other leaders or volunteers or any persons associated with HMC and its programs from any and all claims, demands and actions or cause of action, howsoever arising, for loss of injury suffered by my child(ren), myself or any member of my family, or who I am in care of. I further acknowledge the risk of participating in such a program and that participation may expose my child(ren) or myself to injury, and by my signature below, I agree to assume such risk, the nature and extent of which I am aware.

The MIDWEEK MEAL registration costs $120/semester = 12 meals (January 15-April 29, 2020) Unfortunately, there is not a pay-per-meal option at this time.


Cash/cheques/debit – please hand in to the church office. Cheques payable to Hanover Missionary Church

Online payments via tithe.ly:

  • download the tithe.ly (finance) app.
  • create an account
  • verify email
  • login & find church: HANOVER MISSIONARY CHURCH
  • click ‘GIVE NOW’
  • You will jump to the tithe.ly web browser
  • enter PAYMENT options (DEBIT/VISA) and ADD CARD
  • enter amount $120 (please also select the ‘cover fees’ option to ensure HMC receives the full registration amount)
  • designate to the MIDWEEK MEAL