HMC Youth: Jonah 1:7-16

Hey HMC Youth!  

The passage for this week is Jonah 1:7-16, take some time to read it and connect with God. 

Imagine being on the ship with Jonah as the situation turns from frightening to hopeless. The professional sailors have done everything in their power to save the ship from being destroyed and nothing works. The storm grows more and more violent, to the point that the sailors are made aware of a universal force much stronger than anything they know. As soon as the sailors are made aware of this incredible force they submit to it, ready to make a deal or do whatever it takes to save their own lives. But Jonah knows exactly who this great force is. Jonah ran from God, and now realizes that turning away from the God of life is the same as turning towards death. It is now obvious as Jonah faces death that comfort in this worldly life is much less important that security in eternal life. The decision isn’t too hard anymore; continue running from God and face death and eternal separation form God, or surrender, facing possible death, but falling into the arms of a loving and all powerful God.

As soon as the unbelieving sailors recognized this powerful storm was the work of God, they were ready to surrender. Compare that with how long it takes Jonah to reach the point of surrender even though he knew very well the power of God. It seems like Jonah had grown numb and took for granted the great power of God. Can we relate to growing numb to the greatness and power of God in our lives? 

As you read and reflect, here’s some questions for you to think about.  We will explore them more at youth group on Friday night.

1.    After reading the text, what thoughts or details jump out at you right away?
2.    Spend a bit of time praying about and reflecting on the text.  What is God bringing to your attention?
3.    How does this passage apply to your life?

See you Friday!