HMC Youth – Jonah 1:4-6

Hello HMC Youth!  

We hope you are having a fantastic start to your week! It was so great to see you last Friday, and we are looking forward to youth group again this Friday.

The passage for this week is Jonah 1:4-6, take some time to read it and connect with God.  

This week we see just how committed Jonah is to running from God, and also how committed God is to pursuing His people At first it seems crazy… how could Jonah possibly sleep through a storm so severe that the ship was about to break into pieces? Imagine the creaking, cracking and groaning of that big old wooden ship, and the violent crashing of cargo inside the ship as the waves thrashed the ship around. But pause the story and consider the storm going on inside of Jonah. Anger, bitterness, confusion and hurt swirled in Jonah’s mind. The God that Jonah loved and trusted had asked him to do something that was totally unreasonable to him and it wasn’t fair! Now he was running from the friend he trusted and nothing made sense anymore. Why did any of it really matter? Like Jonah, do we ever get so caught up in the storm going on inside of us that we become oblivious to the storm happening around us, and forget our ability and responsibility to do something about it? Storms are certainly happening in our society, do we need to wait for the unbelieving captain of the ship to come shake us awake to take action?     

As you read and reflect, here’s some questions for you to think about. We will explore them more at youth group on Friday night

1.    After reading the text, what thoughts or details jump out at you right away?
2.    Spend a bit of time praying about and reflecting on the text.  What is God bringing to your attention?
3.    How does this passage apply to your life?

See you Friday!