HMC Family Update

Family Update
September 16th, 2020

Hello everyone!

It is time for another bi-weekly update! After the last couple that have been a lot lengthier, I promise (if it is at all possible for me) to be a little less long winded this time! After all, I have to save something for Sunday!

I do hope you are all keeping well. For those of you who are parents, educators, or are in school yourself, I imagine that the last couple weeks have been a different September than ever imagined. From hearing from some of you, it has been quite stressful and difficult. And the adjustment has been hard on every front.

Please know that we as a leadership team (Staff and Ministry Council) are praying for you. Also, any one of our pastors are here to talk to you if you need a listening ear and prayer at any time.

Family Updates (congratulations, condolences, and prayer needs)

Please be continuing to pray for Jane and Dawn as Jane is still in the hospital, and both she and Dawn are dealing with numerous adjustments to their daily lives.

Also, please be praying for the Sullivan family (Ross and Nancy) who are connected to many of our congregation through Ethnos. If you are not aware, last weekend their daughter Amberly passed away. Please continue to be praying for the whole family as they prepare in the next couple weeks to gather for a memorial. Also be praying for them for comfort as they navigate this time of deep loss.

Missions Highlight:

This week we want to be praying for Mike Wilson who has been supported by HMC for some time now, and many will know through him growing up here at HMC. Mike serves with Youth Unlimited in Quinte, running a program called “Graphic Word”. His main area of outreach is to those he lovingly calls “nerds”, creating a place for them to be them, and through gaming finding creative ways to help them find faith and Jesus. Please be praying for he and his family (Sarah, Mark, and Hannah). We are thankful how God is using this family for Him!

Financial Update from Ministry Council:

August 31st was the end of HMC’s fiscal year. We serve an awesome God! HMC finished the year in the black. Yes, God is good! And He enabled staff and other ministry leaders to reduce spending, and He enabled the congregation to give in a generous fashion.

Thank you for giving so generously. May we give God the praise He deserves!

Our service this weekend:

This Sunday, as we talk about growing in our faith, and becoming deeper disciples (followers) of Jesus, we will look at the first of many I AM statements of Jesus, and talk about how that makes an impact on our lives as we seek to follow Jesus.

If you are coming to church in person, please make every effort to register by Thursday morning at 10 am. Otherwise, please join us online on our Facebook page, or through the link at

Whether you join us online or in person, I look forward to being with you at 10 am.

Fall Ministry Launch:

Fall is now upon us, and that means that we are gearing up (all be it looking different) for our fall ministry season.

Our official kickoff to fall begins a little later this year (October 5th). Be watching for information over the next few Sundays and online in these updates so that you can be aware of all the opportunities available for you and your family to grow in your faith!

Thanks for reading!

As promised, this has been a short update!

Thanks for reading and keeping in touch with what is going on at HMC.

Know that we miss you all and pray for you. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to reach out.

See you again in two weeks for our next update!

On behalf of everyone here (Staff and Council),

Pastor Dave
519-364-1823 ext 30