HMCdigital Tuesday 10AM Devotional – Date

Psalm 23

Lectio Divina: divine or sacred reading

Encountering God in Scripture

When you read Scripture are you reading for information or transformation?

The practice of Lectio Divina is rooted in the belief that through the presence of the Holy Spirit the Scriptures are alive, active, and God brief (Hebrews 4:12).

The four movements of Lectio Divina:

  1. READ (lectio) listen for the word or phrase that stands out from all the rest. This is the word or phrase that is addressed to you.
  2. READ (meditatio): What is it in my life that needed to hear this word today? How is my life touched by this word today?
  3. RESPOND (oratio): is there an invitation or challenge for us to respond to? What is my response to God based on what I have read and encountered?
  4. REST (comtemplatio): simply rest in the word of God.


  1. How was the lectio process the same and/or different from the way you normally read Scripture??
  2. What move(s) in the lectio divina was most helpful or meaningful? Which move was most challenging?
  3. What was God’s invitation to you through this reading? How might you practice the final move of lectio divina, the resolve to live out the word that has been given to you?