How We’re Moving Forward: A Message from the Staff of HMC

Read our latest update from Pastor Dave.

Video transcription:

Hello. My name is Amos Shelley and I am the pastor of children, youth, and family at Hanover Missionary Church in Hanover, Ontario, Canada.

Covid-19 has changed our lives for the time being. Many of you are scared. Many of you are anxious. There’s uncertainty around jobs, around health, around our loved ones. We know the effects of social isolation and bans on large group gatherings have altered the course of our society for the time being.

I want to remind you that you are not alone and you are loved and you are not forgotten.

As a pastor and as staff who’s primary job is to meet with people in big and small groups, how we do church has to change for the time being and we are really excited to roll out two new initiatives for Hanover Missionary Church. HMCdigital and HMCcares.

HMCdigital will be a unique online strategy to meet you in your home where you are at. Couples, families, children, youth alike. There will be live streaming of content, there will be digital curriculum, sermon videos, sermon series, suggestions, updates, group chats. We will provide and facilitate as many opportunities for you to connect with each other and with us as possible and we’re excited to see what God will do with this medium.

HMCcares is perhaps the most comprehensive one-to-one contact mechanism that HMC has ever employed, and our goal is to personally contact each and every one of you through a person on our care team every single week. We want to hear your stories. We want to hear your voices. We want to pray with you and talk with you. We want to know your needs and how best to meet them.

Pastor Kristina and I will be live streaming this Sunday at 10:00 and sharing the plan and the strategy and the schedule for the weeks ahead. We invite you to join us. You can hop onto our Facebook page or even through our website at 10:00 to follow along and participate.

Most importantly we want to remind you that God’s redemptive work in the world isn’t finished. He is still active. He is still moving. No economic downturn or virus can slow His grace or mercy. The borders of his kingdom can’t be closed and His spirit can’t be put in isolation. His love is eternal and it is good. Even in death, the hope of the resurrection remains because of what Jesus Christ has done.

So be encouraged. You are the literal light of the world. You are the embodiment of hope and peace everywhere you go. You are filled with His spirit and you are filled with His love. And though there will be difficult days ahead, you’re not doing this alone. We are together, a family of families of generations who follow Jesus together.

For those who are not part of this family, know that this family is open. And if you know someone who need encouragement or needs to be connected in, send them this video, invite them to our Facebook page, connect with them, give them a call. Our family is open for anyone and everyone.

In the words of St. Paul to the Romans, he says there’s nothing that can separate us from God’s love. Nothing. Nothing high or low, nothing angel or demonic, nothing dead or alive, nothing thinkable or unthinkable. There’s absolutely nothing that can separate us from the love of God because we have been embraced by Jesus Christ.

Know today that you are embraced by Jesus Christ, that He loves you, and He has not forgotten you even in the darkest times of our life. So feel His embrace, feel His love, connect with us. We’re here for you and we’ll talk to you soon.