Co-Creating the Future of the EMCC

An Invitation

Dear friends,
I am inviting all members and adherents of EMCC Churches across Canada to join in an exercise to co-discover, co-dream, co-design the future God has in mind for our denomination. We call it the Discovery Assessment Project. Many of our pastors and local church leaders have already been engaged in this process through a series of Regional Focus Groups.
Your voice is equally important. We have developed a survey as a convenient way for you to provide insight into where we are as a family of churches and where God is calling us to go. Would you kindly take a few minutes to complete the survey?
Results from the survey, from Regional Focus Groups and other strategic conversations will be compiled and taken to the EMCC Board of Directors in March 2018. I will be presenting our direction at our Regional Gatherings, April 23-24 in Alberta, and April 30-May 1 in Ontario, based on the results of the Discovery Assessment Project.
We are thankful for the leadership of Dr. Paul Magnus, who is serving as the Facilitator for the Discovery Assessment Project. Please see his letter of invitation to participate here.
Thank you for taking time to add your voice to the conversation about our future together.
The survey will be open until December 5th, 2017. 
Rev. Kervin Raugust
President, EMCC