Week 6 – A Divided Kingdom – 1 Kings 12-14

1 Kings Sermon Series Curriculum

Week 6 – A Divided Kingdom (1 Kings 12-14)

(Our G2G Curriculum was crafted in-house and is designed to follow our Fall Sermon Series: 1 Kings ~ A Heart & House Divided. Want to get connected to a G2G group? Contact us and we’ll find a spot for you!)

You may want to begin by watching the sermon that goes with this passage.

1. Rehoboam solicited advice from two groups, both with different recommendations. Have you ever wondered how to discern a way forward when there are differing perspectives? How did you move forward?

2. Read 12:26-60. Jeroboam set up more places of worship outside Jerusalem to make it easier for those living outside the city. Have you compromised your own values to accommodate other activities or people? What calves have been set up in our society that cause us to make compromises?