Week 5 – Fading Glory: misusing wisdom and wealth – 1 Kings 9:10-11

1 Kings Sermon Series Curriculum

Week 5 – Fading Glory: misusing wisdom and wealth (1 Kings 9:10-11)

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You may want to begin by watching the sermon that goes with this passage.

SUMMARY: Chapter 9:10-28 summarizes  the ‘what’ of Solomon’s building endeavours and the ‘way’ they are accomplished.  His strong relationship with Hiram, king of Tyre is tested when he exchanges some of the land God had promised Israel in exchange for Hiram’s resources.  He also conscripts foreigners living in Israel for temple, palace, and wall construction.  Additionally, Solomon builds ships and partners once again with Hiram to sail the seas in search of gold.

In chapter 10, Solomon meets the Queen of Sheba, a powerful and astute ruler.  She finds Solomon’s insight exceeds her expectations then praises the God who gifted him with such great wisdom.  They exchange costly goods before she departs, leaving Solomon alone with his gold.  Before long, Solomon makes the most of his time by hammering his gold and costly resources into shields, goblets, and an enormous throne.  The chapter ends with Solomon establishing Israel as a centre of trade—importing horses and chariots from Egypt and  exporting them to the people groups around them.  

1. Read 1 Kings 9:11-14. How did Hiram of Tyre feel about the payment he received for his labor? Can you relate to him? How? Have you seen God at work when you’ve been treated unfairly? What did you learn about God and yourself?

2. Read 1 Kings 10:1-9. The Queen of Sheba asks tough questions of Solomon. Why? What motivated her? Are you a ‘tough-question-asker’? or do you tend to accept things at face value? What motivates you to be one over the other?

3. Read Deuteronomy 17:14-17. Now Read 1 Kings 11:1-6. If Solomon is so wise, why isn’t he following God’s commands? How have you been distracted from following God’s leading/commandments?