Week 4 – Constructing The Temple: My Glory or God’s? – 1 Kings G2G Curriculum

1 Kings Sermon Series Curriculum

Week 4 – Constructing The Temple: My Glory or God’s? (1 Kings 5-9:9)

(Our G2G Curriculum was crafted in-house and is designed to follow our Fall Sermon Series: 1 Kings ~ A Heart & House Divided. Want to get connected to a G2G group? Contact us and we’ll find a spot for you!)

You may want to begin by watching the sermon that goes with this passage.

SUMMARY: In chapter 5, Hiram king of Tyre sends messengers to Solomon.  Solomon responds with a request: “help me build a temple for the LORD.”  “You supply the wood and labours and I’ll supply more labours and I’ll finance the whole project.”  Hiram agrees and they strike a deal.  Solomon conscripts workers from Israel and the massive temple project begins.

Chapter 6 describes the temple in detail.  Beams of cedar, stone chiseled at the quarry, and a golden interior.  In the middle of the construction God’s word comes to Solomon to remind him: stay obedient to the LORD your God.

Chapter 7 seems to interrupt the temple focus by inserting details about Solomon’s palace.  It was just as beautiful and even larger than the house he was building for God!  Our attention is refocused back at the temple where the articles of the temple are described: the bronze Sea for ritual cleansing and other bronze articles and gold articles from the altar and lamp stands to golden door sockets.

In chapter 8 the Ark of the Covenant is brought into the temple and the presence of the LORD descends.  In the midst of God’s appearance, Solomon offers prayer for himself and the people as he dedicates the temple.

Finally, chapter 9 begins with God’s answer to Solomon’s prayer and a warning to be obedient to the LORD and walk in His ways.

Offer group members a pen and paper. Give them five minutes to reflect and respond to the following:

  1. Solomon’s dream was to build the temple. What’s your dream 
  2. Where is God in your dream? Is the dream for your glory, God’s or both? Explain.
  3. Read 1 Kings 9:4-9. God tells Solomon that there will be roadblocks along the way if he is not obedient. Have you experienced roadblocks in pursuing your dreams? Have they been because of your disobedience or your obedience to God?
  4. Solomon prayed a prayer of dedication for the temple. Write down your prayer of dedication for your dream.

Leader, after everyone is finished, read each question out loud one at at time. Ask if anyone would like to share – leave space and time for that.

If people don’t know their dreams, have a discussion about hearing God’s voice or ways to discern a dream for their life.