New Year Greetings from your HMC Staff!

January has become a time to slow down, rest and reflect for our staff and congregational ministries.  During this season we invite you to pray with us and for us as we pray with you and for you.  We are looking forward, with great anticipation, to this coming year.  Let’s pray that, like Peter, God will guide us into places we would rather not go (See John 21:17-18).  Let’s pray that, like Boaz, God will use us to display loyalty and kindness to one another and to the people around us (See Ruth 2:20).  Let’s pray that, like Paul, God wakes us in the night to call us to the places and people that need Him the most (See Acts 16:7-10).  And above all let’s pray, like John, “come, Lord Jesus” (See Rev. 22:20).

God’s grace be with us.  Amen.