Stroll Through The Story

T’was the night before Christmas
And all through the church
Soldiers were marching
As for a Saviour we searched
When a census is called
We gather around
To have our scroll stamped
At the gates of the town
For Cesaer Agustus
Issued the decree
We enter in Rome
Near the fig tree

“Welcome to Rome,” she says,
“Hand me your scroll
Have you paid your taxes?
To the market you go!”
Fish in the fountain
Games in the square
The children to teach
One how to play fair
When through the halls
Passing beggar and shrine
To see the Innkeeper
No room to recline
Out to the fields
Where their flocks they do keep
Shepherds tell tales of
Angels and sheep

To a table of crafts
Where with hot glue and clothes pegs
An angel we make or
Sheep with wooden legs
On to the King
Herod the Great
To pay our respects while his slave child waits

Then men from the east
In wisdom so rich
Teach us of stars
And the hope they predict

What’s this round the corner?
Swaddled in night
A baby lies wrapped in the 
Hay sleeping tight
He came here with nothing
No throne for a King
But offered us all
When He gave everything
Thank you to everyone who made our Stroll Through The Story a huge success!