Many Hands Make V.B.S A Tremendous Success!

It only takes a willing heart to be used by God:
if people show up, God will take care of the details.  

We definitely saw this in action during our week of Hometown Nazareth, a morning children’s program exploring Where Jesus Was A Kid.  Averaging around 68 children per day, our church was filled with the sounds of laughter, singing and team cheers.  Throughout the five day program over 1000 crafts were made, over 300 snacks prepared, over 30 volunteers (plus the many who brought in snack items, helped with decorating or supported us through prayer), and each child received their own New Testament Bible at the end of the week.

Pastor Lyndsay shared that she was so moved to see the Body of Christ at work.  It took many hands and many hours of preparation but God filled all those needs, from someone to slice the cheese for snack to volunteers to run games in the gym.  Children as young as four years old were active participators, learning all the songs and singing their hearts out in praise.

Throughout the week, children were encouraged to look for God in their daily lives.  These encounters were written out on little sheep and set to graze in the God Sightings Pasture.  About 40 sheep were filled with evidence of God.  The Bible speaks of having faith like a child and this faith Jesus speaks of was evident in the ways our V.B.S children saw God.  As adults we tend to overlook so much and sometimes it takes a child to remind us that God is in all things, like something as simple as a butterfly, a rainbow, or a hug from a friend. 

Thank you to all the volunteers who made our week of V.B.S. a huge success!

And a very special thank you to Angela Peeters for organizing, recruiting and blessing our children with the wonderful experience of the body of Christ in action.