Missionary Thanks

The following notes are in response to gifts we gave our missionaries in the Spring of 2011…

I want to thank you and the church for the generous gift to Li Yien and I.  We are very blessed by it and appreciate it.  Thanks also for all your support to us to.  We are grateful for the support we get back home and the comfort it gives us to know that there are people back home praying and encouraging us.  Both Li Yien and I have a call to the Nations and want to do our best at fulfilling the call of God on our lives.  It is a privilege to serve God.  Many Thanks again.

Mark & Li Yien Howling

Thank you, dear friends, for your faithful support of our ministry at Still Waters and for the generous gift we just received – may God return it to you pressed down and overflowing!  We always thank God for you and enjoy your fellowship immensely.

With love,
Peter and Leah Humphreys

Praise the Lord for HMC and their generosity to us. Michelle and I are overwhelmed. This gift is very unexpected. We want to thank you so much.

It is going well for us here in Romania. On June 11th we celebrated living here for 5 yrs. Wow how time flies!

Just last Sunday we held our first service in the new sanctuary level of our new church. It was an emotion filled time. Lots of tears praising God for His faithfulness.

Say hi to all, blessings and thank you,
Kevin & Michelle

Thank you for the time you gave us when we appeared in church unexpectedly last month and your announcement of the special “extra” gift from HMC (which took us quite by surprise).  We want to thank you for the blessing it is as we make plans to live in Calgary.  Thank you for your continuing support through finances and prayer – and for your generosity this past month!  

Dianne & Bill

Dear Friends at Hanover Missionary Church, Wow!  Thank you so much for the unexpected gift of money!  Thank you for loving and caring for us, and partnering with us to reach the Nivacle people.  We feel privileged to have such an awesome home church!  

With love and appreciation,
Shaun, Melanie, Michayle, Rylan and Seth Humphreys

Thank you to our Hanover Missionary Church family for your continued support and your recent extra generous gift.  God has overwhelmed us with the awareness of His Body, the Church worldwide, and His ability to meet our needs both materially and spiritually through His faithful servants.

You are a blessing to us!
Paul and Kathleen Humphreys

Dear HMC, Thanks so much for your recent extra gift.  Wow!  We sure do appreciate your support of our ministry.  We also appreciate the church community and we count it a privilege to serve together with you to reach our world with the Gospel.  Again, thanks so much!

Much love in Christ,
Vern & Holly Dyck

We really can’t thank the church enough for all the blessings, love and encouragement.  When we moved to Canada we wanted to find a church that needed help with ministry.  The first week we went to Hanover Missionary Church they made an announcement about needing Sunday School teachers.  We decided from the beginning that we would just be a help and not ask for their support in missions. It’s ironic that HMC is now faithfully supporting us and is always being an encouragement to us in our ministry.  We appreciate this gift and we can’t wait to see everyone later this year!

Andrew and Amberlynne Claussen

Dear Friends,
We just want to thank you for your continued support.  The extra gift you sent was also wonderful.  We enjoyed seeing many of you last May and really enjoyed the special service potluck you coordinated.  The energy was wonderful!  Again, thank you for all you do to support missionaries and inspire the congregation to engage in the great commission!

Chris, Tara, Ezekiel and Justice McPherson

To the Pastors and Congregation of Hanover Missionary Church,
Hi everyone!  This note is one of heartfelt thanks for your generous donation to The Light on Main Street Community Meal.  For other two years now we have been serving a weekly meal to guests who are mainly from the downtown core of Hanover.  Many are physically and/or mentally disabled, lonely, isolated and poor.  We have an informal church service before the meal where we welcome people who are uncomfortable in a more formal setting.  As was to be expected, we have become involved in the lives of many people who need our help in other ways.  The volunteers at Baby Blessings have been good enough to join us on Thursdays to serve vulnerable young families.  Many times we are able to connect people with other churches or services in the community…Our ultimate dream would be to see “The Light” evolved into a mission which would serve many more needs within the community.  Above all, lonely people need to experience the love and care of Jesus through the hands of believers.  We invite any believer in our community who shares that vision to come and join us, any Thursday, starting after Labour Day.

Again, our many thanks,
Ann Bruton, on behalf of “The Light” team

Pastor Jason & HMC Congregation,
Thanks so much for your encouraging letter and very generous gift…We are blessed to serve the Lord here on Saugeen and live on His mission each day!!  May you at HMC blessed as you live on His mission in your community!!!

Chi-Miigweleh! (Many Thanks!)
Love Always, Stan & Sally Bragg