The HMC Penpal Project

As this pandemic continues we are all craving more connection. Consider being part of this fun new HMC initiative and sign up to be a PENPAL! We will match you (or your household) with another person (or household) to exchange letters with throughout the summer.


When you sign up, we will send you a starter kit that includes the name and address of your penpal, a few stamps, envelopes, and a template to help you write your first letter. Our goal is to help people get to know one another even though we aren’t getting together physically.

Plan to send at least three letters throughout the summer. If you want to do more, great! If you want to continue into the fall, great!

Have fun with it. Exchange pictures and stories. On June 21, Pastor Amos encouraged you to share your faith story with others — this could be the perfect opportunity for that!

To sign up, please contact the church office by July 1. We will need your name and an updated mailing address. 519-364-1823