Snow Camp 2020 Registration

Snow Camp 2020
Snow Camp is an annual winter retreat for JRYo and SRYo designed to be community building, spiritually refreshing, and fun! While every precaution is taken for the safety and good health, some activities and events, including transportation, meals, accommodations, games and group dynamics - carry the inherent risk of emotional or personal physical injury. Your permission is required! Please carefully read the following information and consent form. If you are in agreement, please sign and return to the church! I give permission for my child/youth to participate in all things regarding the SNOWCAMP experience. I also give permission for my child/youth to be transported in a motor vehicle driven by the individual identified to an event at the specified location on the date indicated. I understand that my child is expected to follow all applicable laws regarding riding in a motor vehicle and is expected to follow the directions provided by the driver and other adult volunteers. I understand that participation in the identified events is not a requirement for participate in HMC’s activities. I have read, understand, and discussed with my child that: 1. They will be traveling in a motor vehicle or bus, driven by an adult and accompanied by a second adult (at least) and are to wear safety belts when appropriate; 2. They are expected to respect each other, the vehicles they ride in, and the people they travel with during the trip; 3. Riding in a motor vehicle may result in personal injuries or death from wrecks, collisions or acts of by riders, other drivers or objects; 4. They are to remain in their seats and not be disruptive to the driver. 5. While in the care of HMC’s designated leaders, they will respect all rules, obey all laws, act in a manner that is safe to both themselves and others. I recognize that by participating in this activity, as with any activity involving motor vehicle transportation, my child may risk personal injury or permanent loss. I hereby attest and verify that I have been advised of the potential risks, that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in this activity, and that I assume any expenses that may be incurred in the event of an accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses. ROUNDTRIP - FROM: Hanover Missionary Church, ON / TO: Campfire Bible Camp, Markdale ON TRANSPORTATION: Kunkel Bus Lines Ltd. - Hanover ON DEPART: FRIDAY, FEBBRUARY 21st from HMC 4:30PM ARRIVE BACK: SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd at HMC 3 PM(ish) MAIN LEADER CONTACT: Pastor Amos Shelley (519) 373-4057 SECONDARY LEADERS: Brian Austin, Matt Chittick, Melissa McDougall, Mackenzie Krotz
ex. 15, grade 10
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By completing this online form you are saying you are the legal parent or guardian of the minor listed above, giving permission for them to attend Snow Camp with the Hanover Missionary Church; understanding that if there are any issues, behavioural or otherwise, you are responsible to come and pick up your youth.