Ruth – Week 6, Thursday

Thursday, October 27

Obed’s genealogy contained people who had questionable reputations (eg. Tamar in Gen 38 and Rahab the prostitute in Jos. 2 mentioned in Matt. 1:5).  Yet God still used those people powerfully.  Is there anything in your past or family’s past that you’re afraid might hinder God from working?

Ruth – Week 6, Tuesday

Tuesday, October 25

What do you notice about Boaz between his introduction in chapter 2 and his action in chapter 4?  What do his interactions with others tell us about his personality?  If your life were a story, how would the author depict you in your interactions with others?

Ruth – Week 6, Monday

Monday, October 24

What do we learn about Ruth’s character as a younger woman in chapter 1?  How is that reinforced in chapter 2 and 3?  What were your predominant characteristics as a younger person?  How have those characteristics changed through the years?

Ruth – Week 6, Sunday

Sunday, October 23

Reflect on the character of Naomi as the story develops.  What do you learn about her in chapter 1?  How does she changes as the story progresses?  Reflect on your own life: how have you changed through the years?  What have been some significant events that have caused you to change?

Ruth – Week 5, Saturday

Saturday, October 22

Read Ruth 4

Ruth the Moabitess became the great-grandmother of David.  Jesus came from this same genetic line.  What does having a non-Israelite in the lineage of the Messiah say about God’s nature and character?  How does this relate to you?