A report by Gloria Burrow, submitted to the Canadian Bible Society following her experience with Proclamation.

Proclamation is the reading of God’s word aloud in public and in its entirety from beginning to end traditionally over a 10 day period. Reading schedules have been developed integrating Old Testament readings with Psalms & Proverbs and New Testament readings.

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The beautiful sanctuary at Carrick Camp

For anyone planning a “Proclamation” in their area, rest assured that it will be well worth every effort, every prayer and tear, and every hour of dedicated planning.

I felt such an urgency to be renewed and refreshed, to learn what God would have to say to me through His Word – not waiting for a year to read it alone in my home – but reading and listening consistently, hour after hour, for the purpose of drawing closer to the Lord.

Rolling through my mind during those long months of preparation was the determination that “come what may”, we will accomplish this, even if I needed to do many of the readings myself. Of course, I didn’t need to worry since we had almost 300 people sign in to read several times each, and we had a team of approximately 25 strong, willing leaders, who took on various aspects of the 10 day operation.

I marveled at the unity and joy in the preparations. 

Members of the HMC Staff Team spent a morning reading

From 7:00 am – 7:00 pm each day, groups from various churches, family connections, and individual readers came. It was a delight to meet and chat with them and then listen to each of them as they read – noting the strengthening of relationships within these small groups as they focused together on God’s Word has been something to ponder and remember.

I believe, for those who participated, God has given new desires and a fresh glimpse of how much we need this daily “road map” – our guide and comfort.

The positive comments are on-going, and very encouraging:

One young man who was reading from Proverbs and had been wrestling with a difficult work-related situation later said, “I got my answer while reading. Now I know how to handle that. I’ll let God deal with it.”

A young mom who came to read a few times gave her heart and life to Jesus at break-time, and is being nurtured by the gracious lady who prayed with her and was sensitive to her need that day.

An older man came often to read. He and his wife were pillars throughout the 10 days even though they hadn’t really planned on it. At the close of our forth day this man quietly confessed to me and a few others that he had doubted this event would be of much value, and in the beginning he thought it would be nothing but a religious exercise and a waste of time. “I was so wrong,” he said, with tears running down his face. “God is doing a good work in me and many others.”

Every day, one lady drove 45 minutes to be there for 7:00 am and she stayed until it ended at 7:00 pm. If she missed even a few minutes she would record the scriptures she missed and read them at home. She is a very busy lady with a unique ministry but was amazed to realize that the days of Proclamation were not booked on her calendar. She kept them open for the right purpose and was extremely blessed by it. When Proclamation ended she was so thrilled to feel that she had taken in the whole Bible.

Neighbors of the camp, who had known for years it was there but had never attended, signed up to read. Later we met some of them at the Sunday evening concerts at the camp during the summer at the camp. It was a beautiful setting and great exposure for the ministry of Carrick Camp.

A man who had already read with a group came back later in the middle of his work day and said he just “had to” sign up to read again.

So, all we can say is that God’s Spirit was truly at work.

The Festival of Praise – mostly music and our community choir – was an amazing climax with about 200 people present. This also gave opportunity for many to share financially, adequately covering expenses and providing a generous donation to the camp and to the Canadian Bible Society.

The Name of Jesus is the Name about all names and praise God, His Word is true and powerful!