Christmas at HMC

Your lives will begin to GLOW in the darkness…

—Isaiah 58:10b msg


Our challenge to you this Christmas season, is to allow the light of Jesus to be ignited within you, that you might take it with you into your homes, community, and ultimately, the world.

read Pastor Phil’s 2017 Christmas Letter

Each Sunday in December we will post a little challenge in your bulletin — a practical way you can shine the light on people you interact with every day. We would love it if you’d share your experience in words and pictures. Use #HMCGlowingOut on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to bring us into your story. Check out the list below the ‘How’s it Glowing’ graphic to see our suggestions – but don’t be afraid to come up with your own ways to share the light of Jesus!

Each Sunday, a different ADVENT READING will be shared. Catch up HERE if you missed one.

Share the warmth with a hot cup!

How? Invite a neighbour over a coffee, meet a friend for tea, take hot chocolate to the office staff of your child’s school, pay for the person behind you in the Tim Horton’s Drive Thru, etc.

Give a gift with a warm heart!

How? Drop some change in a Christmas Kettle, put a toy in a toy drive box, take some non-perishable food to your local food bank, find an angel tree to support, etc.

Shine a light on those who serve in your community!

How? Take a card and/or treat to your local police or fire station, the library, town hall, hospitals, schools, churches, etc.


Read through the Christmas devotionals that were part of the Reflection days (coming soon)

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