83 Ideas For Packing Your Shoebox

With the early snowfall it’s hard not to hear the distant jingle of a Christmas bell.  We live in a society of privilege and even now may already be storing away gifts to give our family and friends come that jolly day in December.  So often we take our blessings for granted and forget that much of the world is struggling just to survive.  Operation Christmas Child makes it their mission to see that we don’t forget – that we take a step back from our selfish natures and think of someone else.  This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child who isn’t so lucky as our own children.
The boxes arrived this week and we are encouraging you to take up the challenge.  Stuff a shoebox full with little joys that will bring hope to a child in a desperate situation.  And to help you face this challenge with confidence we’ve pulled together a list of 83 ideas to get you on your way.

    1. Notepads/post its
    2. Coloring books
    3. Markers/crayons
    4. Pencils/pencil crayons
    5. Pencil sharpener
    6. Erasers
    7. Pens
    8. Pencil case
    9. Safety scissors
    10. Glue stick
    11. Ruler
    12. Solar calculator
    13. Stickers
    14. Self-inking stamp
    15. Water color set & paint brush
    16. Little crafting kit – beads
    17. Travel sewing kit 
    18. Dry erase board & markers
    19. Duct tape
    20. Tape measure
    21. Comb
    22. Brush
    23. Dental Floss
    24. Soap (put in plastic baggie)
    25. Toothbrush
    26. Small hand mirror – unbreakable
    27. Colorful bandages
    28. Baby wipes
    29. Wash cloth
    30. Hand towel
    31. Tissues
    32. Chapstick
    33. Emery boards
    34. Nail clippers
    35. Hair ribbons
    36. Ponytail holders
    37. Barrettes
    38. Hairbands
    39. Bracelets
    40. Necklace
    41. Clip-on earrings
    42. Hat
    43. Ball cap
    44. Gloves
    45. Bandanas
    46. Scarf
    47. Shoelaces
    48. Sunglasses
    49. Socks
    50. T-shirt
    51. Flip flops
    52. Watch
    53. Plastic poncho in packet
    54. Individual sealed play-doughs
    55. Silly putty
    56. Small stuffed animals or dolls
    57. Inflatable beach balls
    58. Bouncy balls
    59. Slinkies
    60. Finger puppets
    61. Legos
    62. Jigsaw puzzle
    63. Mini magnetic checker board & checkers
    64. Flash cards
    65. Picture books
    66. Bean bag
    67. Hacky sack
    68. Balloons
    69. Toy binoculars
    70. Jump rope
    71. Paddle ball
    72. Yo yo’s
    73. Harmonica
    74. Recorder
    75. Tambourine
    76. Kazoo
    77. Toy cars/trucks
    78. Compass
    79. Solar-powered flashlight
    80. Glow sticks
    81. Hard candy
    82. Plastic eating utensils
    83. Toy pots & pans

    And to finish it off why not include a personal letter and a photo!

    Be sure to bring your boxes back to the church by November 10.

    Happy packing! 

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