HMC Youth: Jonah 4:1-4

Hey HMC Youth!  

The passage for this week is Jonah 4:1-4, take some time to read it and connect with God.  

When God spares the Ninevites from destruction Jonah is very upset.  It seems like an odd reaction, since one would think God’s kingdom being built up and love being displayed would be a cause for great celebration.  What we actually read is that Jonah is so upset that he thinks he would rather die than live with the knowledge that his enemies have been offered grace and forgiveness!

Before we condemn Jonah for his ridiculous behaviour however, we should pause and realize that his situation is probably just an extreme example of something we all struggle with in our own hearts.  Why are we so ready to accept God’s grace and forgiveness for the mistakes we make again and again, yet are so ready to point an accusing finger and condemn others who are also imperfect?  Maybe someone else being pushed down gives us the illusion of being raised up a little?  Let’s reflect on the truth that our status and worth comes not from anything we could ever do, rather from our loving God and creator, king of the universe! 

As you read and reflect, here are some questions for you to think about.  We will explore them more at youth group on Friday night

1.    After reading the text, what thoughts or details jump out at you right away?
2.    Spend a bit of time praying about and reflecting on the text.  What is God bringing to your attention?
3.    How does this passage apply to your life?

See you Friday!