Alanna Rusnak

Alanna grew up on a small hobby farm, television free, making butter in mason jars and building forts in the field, loving Nancy Drew and Anne of Green Gables. She married Scott one week after her high school graduation and together they have three children: Zander—currently attending Nipissing University for Computer Science, Liam—an athletic high school student who dreams of the NBA, and Noa—an artistic wildflower who’s name means “My Love” in Japanese. After years of squeezing the family into a tiny house in Durham, they purchased the home she grew up in just outside of town and are enjoying the open space and freedom of country living.

Alanna is an avid reader and loves to while away a warm afternoon on a deck chair with a coffee and a good book. Her first novel was published in May of 2017, she occasionally blogs, and always seems to have a new project on the go.

She dances in the kitchen, cries during commercials, and dreams of travelling to Italy.

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